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How Do You Plan a Burial Insurance for the Elderly

Losing someone is not the easiest time for other family members. Unfortunately, death is something no one can avoid, and it can come suddenly, or we may know it can happen if someone is sick. Most of us will have elderly family members, and they are an integral part of our lives. However, sometimes we have to face reality and consider having a burial insurance plan in place in case something does happen and if you are that elderly family member.

Funerals are costlyburial insurance policy

One thing to keep in mind is that burials are not a cheap affair and it would not be very thoughtful to leave them all to your family to take care of once you are gone. In fact, it will cost anything between $8500 to $10,000 for a funeral, and sometimes this can put quite a stress on the rest of the family.

Getting a burial insurance for seniors

If you want to plan ahead and take care of this matter, you can consider taking out an insurance policy that will release a certain amount to your next of kin or a nominated party in case of your death. In this way, you will not be leaving anyone with the responsibility and burden of paying for your funeral. In fact, this is similar to a life insurance and the funds can be used to pay for funeral expenses, medical bills, debts and any other expense that may arise.

How to obtain the insurance

If you are planning on getting a burial insurance, you must take into account many factors. Consider the type of funeral you want, the service and who will receive the payout. There are differences in cost for cremation and ground burials and also the kind of service that will be held. Make sure you have all of these written down so that you can make sure the insurance policy will have adequate cover for all of them.

old couple talkingWho is it for?

If you are a retired senior or still working, you can get this insurance as long as you are not suffering from any serious illness. You can contact an insurance service and ask them what options are available. They may require you to take a medical examination to ascertain your health condition before issuing a policy.


Obtaining a burial insurance is a thoughtful gesture and will show your family members that you care about them even after you are gone.